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Thursday, June 22, 2017


Wyclef Jean has announced the release of his first full-length album in eight years, Carnival III: The Fall and Rise of a Refugee, out September 15 via Legacy Recordings. The album features contributions from Emeli Sandé, Supah Mario, The Knocks, and Lunch Money Lewis. The release coincides with the 20th anniversary of Wyclef's critically acclaimed debut album The Carnival.
In addition, Wyclef Jean has released two new tracks "What Happened To Love" produced by The Knocks via CNN and "Fela Kuti" produced by Supah Mario via XXL today. Listen to "What Happened To Love" and "Fela Kuti" and pre-order the album here.

Ahead of the Carnival III rollout, Wyclef partnered with Certified Classics, an extension of Legacy Recordings, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Carnival and the 10th anniversary of the Carnival II. Certified highlights the impact of key anniversaries of classic Hip Hip and R&B albums, all in an effort to preserve the culture. Learn more at:
"My Carnival albums have always been about celebrating music culture from all parts of the world and Carnival III is no different," says Wyclef.

"It's outside the box. There's genre-bending. There's new talent on there. Carnival III is more than just an album. It's a celebration of what I love about music: discovery, diversity and artistry for art's sake... It's about putting music together that will outlive me and live on for generations to come that is full of emotion, vibration and fun. Get ready."

In 2016, Wyclef was back yet again with another hit, "Hendrix," the first single off of his EP, J'Ouvert. "Hendrix" garnered over 20 million streams worldwide. Wyclef's influence on the new generation is evident with the creative connection with Young Thug, who named a track on mixtape, JEFFERY, "Wyclef Jean." The two musicians teamed up to record the Caribbean-inspired "I Swear," the third single off of J'Ouvert.

As big a comeback as "Hendrix" and "I Swear" have proven to be, one should not count on Fall and Rise of a Refugee as being an entire album full of mid-tempo tracks. "Do I have anything for the clubs?" he asks. "You're talking to The Carnival Man! I've done the biggest dance records of all time! I plan to put them on the dancefloor more so than ever. I know people want that dancefloor bounce from me — that hip hop thing."

The music that Wyclef Jean has written, performed, and produced — both as a solo superstar and as founder and guiding member of the Fugees — has been a consistently powerful, pop cultural force for over two decades. In 1996, the Fugees released their monumental album The Score. As a solo artist, he has released six albums that have sold nearly nine million copies worldwide, including his 1997 debut The Carnival and 2000's aptly titled The Eclectic: 2 Sides II a Book.

Carnival III: The Fall and Rise of a Refugee Tracklist:1. Slums2. Turn Me Good3. Borrowed Time4. Fela Kuti5. Warrior6. Shotta Boys7. Double Dutch8. What Happened To Love9. Carry On10. Concrete Rose11. Trapicabana12. Thank God For The Culture


In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of legendary star of music, stage, and screen Lena Horne (June 30, 1917May 9, 2010), one of the most iconic African American stars of the 20th century, getTV is proud to present a triple play of classic (and rare) Horne television appearances from the 1960s on Monday, June 26, 2017 from 9PM-12M ET. Beautiful and classy, the mesmerizing song stylist was an MGM contract player, recording artist, nightclub entertainer, Broadway star, civil rights activist and a frequent guest performer on TV variety shows from the late '50s through the '60s, when African-Americans were still not regularly seen on primetime TV.

Up first is "MONSANTO NIGHT PRESENTS LENA HORNE," originally broadcast on September 10, 1969 on NBC.  At 52, Horne was one of the first African-American women to solo host her own national primetime network TV special. The show features Horne performing classics such as "Stormy Weather" mixed with contemporary hits like "You Made Me So Very Happy" and even civil rights songs such as "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free."  She welcomes soul singer O.C. Smith and actor David Janssen (TV's "The Fugitive") as guests.

"We're so proud to present three hours featuring Lena Horne during the week of the 100th anniversary of her birth," said Jeff Meier, Senior Vice President and General Manager of getTV, "For more recent generations who know her mainly from The Wiz, this is a chance to get more exposure to a vitally important performer who infused her performances with both elegance and intelligence.  They don't make them like Lena Horne anymore."
At 10PM, two iconic divas meet up when Horne joins Judy Garland for a well-remembered episode of "THE JUDY GARLAND SHOW," first aired on CBS on October 13, 1963, where they perform both solo and together. A highlight features the two MGM alumni's doing a medley of many of their biggest hits such as "Honeysuckle Rose," "It's All Right with Me," "Love," "Meet Me in St. Louis" and "The Trolley Song." British comedian Terry Thomas (TV's "Burke's Law") also guests.

And at 11PM, Horne is the featured guest on an episode of "PERRY COMO'S KRAFT MUSIC HALL". Filmed on location in Boston, the show, first telecast on NBC on October 18, 1965, features Horne performing solo and with Como, with the two collaborating on a New England-themed medley that includes "Moonlight in Vermont" and "Old Cape Cod."  Other guests include pianist Peter Nero and The Wellesley College Choir.



Monday, June 12, 2017


"I'm Sorry," said the WWE wrestling champ John Cena, after shifting his head nervously.

The handicapped source, was at a Pasadena Bar in a hotel,doing research for film review at a nearby theatre. The nerdy waiter was ignoring him, for over an hour. Then, while looking at the cellphone web browser,the dorky bus boy,passes by on his way to the kitchen and made a homophobically snide remark.

The source answered back in a equally Trumpian manner,as he had no choice.The handicapped black man, then asked another waiter,an Asian gentleman for a pen.The waiter gave it to him.

After about 20 minutes, the source started to leave his table,and the nerdy waiter returned and passed right by him, with a smirk across his face. The source in playfully angry manner- pantomimed he'd like to stab the prick with the pen. He then stopped, thinking he didn't wanted taken the wrong way, but it was too late.

Near the front desk, the wanna be Rock- was checking in into the hotel and saw the gesture. The busybody, failed Marine star, assuming a black man was about to attack, pointing him out to clerks and called over the waiter- to tell him what the man had done.

The handicapped guy walked over to the bar, and handed the pen back to the Asian bartender. "Thank You," as he handed the pen back and the bartender who nodded in agreement.

When the handicapped turned around to leave. The scumbag wrestler was shocked to see- the source was handicapped by his crutch from his broken foot. He clearly couldn't see that,when he began warning the staff about the slow moving, handicapped, black man.

Worse, the pedestrian ex marine- was in a fighting stance, ready to strike the man, about a situation he had NO knowledge before attempting, to make the matter violent.

When the bronze bastard, realized he absolutely wrong and was about hand the black man- a multimillion dollar lawsuit, he dropped his stance amongst the confused and now worried staff members. As he shifted nervously and dropped his head and then slowly raised it, with a more somber accomodating tone and he stated,"...I'm sorry."

The source was barely aware of how disgustingly close, Cena was too
him and how much Cena wanted to get his hands on him. The handicapped man  finished his turn to the exit and left to go to work, deconstructing his movie.